Artist-in-School Pilot Programme (Feb-Oct 2015) in collaboration with National Arts Council, Act3 Theatrics and ECDA

Nobleland is proud to be selected in a Pilot Artist-in-School programme with the OVERALL OBJECTIVE of using drama strategies to teach curriculum subjects (Literacy, Maths, Inquiry, Character Education) and enrich the children’s learning experience.

The dramatization, physicalisation, role playing, scene building exercises will enhance the children’s ability to understand and absorb lessons.
The children will be encouraged to vocalise their thoughts and feelings and, as importantly, listen to other viewpoints with an open-mind.

Improvisation using bodies

AIS on 29 April 2014: Physicalization Game-The actions corresponded to the value of the coins


See-Saw Game–Children had to balance out the value of coins on both sides in order for the see-saw to work.
Supermarket Make Believe Play

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