Chinese Inquiry (华文探索单元)

孩子是天生的小小科学家,他们对周围的世界充满了好奇心。无数个“是什么”、“为什么”、“怎么样”,不断地在他们小小的头脑中涌现。 为了满足孩子们的好奇心,激发他们的学习兴趣,鼓励和培养他们的求知欲和探索欲,我们设计了多姿多彩的华文探索单元。

每年我们也会利用一个学期开展大型的方案教学, 由孩子做主选择自己喜欢的项目去开展, 在学习中发现问题,想办法解决问题以及寻找答案。

Inquiry: Learn from the World
Chinese Inquiry Lessons involve classroom projects that use inquiry based approach. It is similar to the English Inquiry Project, but conducted in Chinese. Your child will engage with topics from two major themes that pique their interest and develop an understanding for the world around them.

  1. Discovering the World
    • Environmental Issues, Flora and Fauna, World Culture etc.
  2. Science and Technology
    • Electricity, Vehicles, Light etc.

Your child will learn via questioning and researching about the assigned topic, and will be tasked to problem-solve as well. The process is emphasised here and your child will gain experience and knowledge through the Inquiry projects. Our Inquiry projects aim to develop your child’s observational, analytical and problem solving skills.