Language and Literacy

Letterland: Read, Spell & Write with Fun Stories

Letterland is a fun, phonics-based approach that teaches your child to read, spell and write. With interesting characters such as Eddie Elephant, Munching Mike and Clever Cat, your child will find it fun and enjoyable to learn as they read stories based on these characters. Your child will learn how to identify letters and sounds, as well as be encouraged to think and express himself/herself. This program includes a host of supplement activities such as arts and craft, games and cheerful songs that will make learning an exciting and joyous affair for your child.


Fitzroy Readers: A Gradual Reading Progress

Fitzroy Readers is a comprehensive set of storybooks and worksheets that helps your child to strengthen their reading skills. This involves providing a logical progression of new sounds for each reader. Each story uses and builds on words and sounds from previous stories, so that your child can familiarise himself with previous words and continue to build on his word bank with new vocabulary.

For example, the readers begin with simple words such as ‘cat’ , ‘mat’ ,’bat’ and progress to the word family ‘er’ with words such as ‘faster’ and ‘warmer’. Children will gradually hone their skills on writing, sounding and recognizing words through these interesting stories. This is an essential step in building a strong foundation in the English language.