When it was time for Benjamin to start pre-school, we didn’t hesitate to return to Nobleland Arts N Learning Place @ Bishan because our experience with Nobleland during both his sisters’ time was tremendously enjoyable and fruitful. The teachers at Nobleland are very approachable, warm, loving and enthusiastic, underpinning a close knitted family culture and atmosphere at the school which is the environment we want our children to be raised in. Benjamin would come home every day with interesting stories about his day. He is especially fond of dance lessons and would be excited to demonstrate the dance moves he has learnt. Sports is another favourite too! His sisters before him particularly enjoyed kindermusik lessons, which is part of the school’s curriculum and kindled their interest in music. Like his sisters, we are confident that during his time at Nobleland, Benjamin will grow to be a confident, happy boy with the emotional, social & academic skills to venture into primary school life.

Cheryl & Kenneth Low - Parents of Kristen (Bishan K2, Kaitlyn K2, & Benjamin K1)

We chose Nobleland because of its integrated arts curriculum. We believe exposure to arts at an early age will foster curiosity, creativity, and the joy of learning in Ignatius. The teachers at Nobleland are very passionate, patient and caring in teaching and developing the children. We are regularly updated on the school's activities and Ignatius' progress through whatsapp messages and monthly newsletters. There is also close parental involvement through various events and projects. We are happy to see Ignatius enjoying school. He has grown holistically in many areas, especially in language and social skills. He has also stopped being picky about his food! :)

Eugene & Helen - Parents of Ignatius Yeo, Bishan N2 & Amelia Yeo, Bishan N1

Charlotte was previously with a childcare centre that she did not really enjoy very much. She would cry every morning when she went to school. She was also very quiet and did not really participate in class. Things changed immediately when she joined Nobleland Arts N Learning Place @ Bishan in N2. She is welcomed by teachers and friends everyday and she looks forward to school everyday. She has made new friends and started to be engaged in learning. Charlotte was encouraged by teachers to speak up and with the small class size, she was able to learn at her own pace and gradually opened up. The integrated arts programmes offered by the school also added fun to her learning. I am sure these programmes would usually cost a bomb to add them on to the curriculum in other childcare centres. Time flies and now Charlotte is already in K2, her last year with joined Nobleland Bishan. She has transformed from a quiet girl into someone who speaks with confidence. Special heartfelt thanks to the Nobleland Bishan team, especially Ms Kim, Teacher Jaslene, Huang Laoshi and Mrs Sng. Charlotte is where she is today because of your constant loving care and guidance. All of you will be greatly missed when she moves on to primary school next year.

Dale & Jasmine - Parents of Charlotte Tan (Bishan K2)

Heartfelt gratitude to Ms Shian, Ms Kim, 黄老师, Teacher Jaslene and many other teachers and staff of Nobleland Arts @ Bishan – all these years of relentless hard work and perseverance only for the best of our little ones! When we started Freya and Mya at Nobleland Arts @ Punggol Waterway, we had been very impressed by the caring and dedicated staff. Nobleland teachers @ Bishan are very attentive to details in day-to-day activities – be it the little ones’ learning journey or their behavioral habits. As parents, we feel assured that the little ones are in good hands and can work with the teachers to mold the little ones as they grow up. The little ones enjoyed every single bit of their time spent in Nobleland and could not bear to leave Nobleland at the end of their K2 year – Freya even wanted to spend her P1 holidays at Nobleland (but could not do so due to CoVid)! The highlight of every year is none other than the school concert. After the first year, we had been convinced that our decision to send our girls to be immersed in the arts-based curriculum was the right one. It was a diverse and captivating performance put up by kids who were no more than 7 years old – even young toddlers at 3 years old or less had been very brave to stand on the stage to give their best! And the performing standards didn’t stop there – year after year, we witnessed incredible improvements! Kudos to all staff and the performing arts teachers too! For 2020, whilst we thought there couldn’t be any concert due to CoVid, Ms Shian and all the staff put in a lot of their effort (blood and tears probably!) to come up with the video idea such that the K2 kids could still put up their final Nobleland performance. We could not have asked for more! Thank you Nobleland – where all our wonderful pre-school memories are created!

- Parents of Freya Lin (BIshan K2) and Mya Lin (Bishan K2)

Nobleland provided a very loving and nurturing environment where my daughter Keri was able to flourish and learnt to be independent. Despite Keri having some learning needs, the teachers黄老师and Teacher Jaslene and Principal Ms Kim never failed to generously provide the extra help needed to support her. They paid extra attention to her during classes and activities so as to ensure she was able to catch up with her classmates. They also constantly encouraged and motivated her for every small step she took and led her to achieve many milestones with confidence. Thank you for all the extra hours you have put in to guide her. And thank you for the smiley faces that greeted her every morning when we brought her to school. Thank you for tolerating and taking time to accommodate your schedule to ensure she had the extra help needed. Thank you for all the active communication to ensure we know how she was in school. My husband and I are forever inspired and grateful for the support we have received from the school. Keri is indeed fortunate to have such enriching experiences with the school. Indeed, the school has provided a very holistic education to the young ones whose needs at this young age should be prioritised in the joy of learning. Nobleland also partners with many external organisations to provide professional coaches to guide the children in repertoire of skills to cultivate creativeness in them. Keri benefitted much from these activities with the help of highly skilled yet caring coaches. The exposure also enabled Keri to be more confident in expressing her passion and aspirations in various ways. Thank you Nobleland! Thank you Ms Kim! Thank you 黄老师! Thank you Teacher Jaslene! And many more staff who have played a role in shaping who Keri is now. She is now more than ready to start her primary school and she will miss you all very much!

- Parents of Keri Law (Bishan K2)

Thank you for all your hard work this year. Our child, Eun Seh loves school and it is easy to see why. The dynamic way school delivers lesson and encourages participation – example The family day (Sports Day) was great event and thumbs up for all the organized activities and logistics. Not only the children love it, but parents surely have a lot of fun and get to know each other also. Thanks for giving our little one ‘Start Small Dream Big’.

Mr & Mrs Kim - Parent of Kim Eun Seh (K2)

Thank you so much for taking great care of Guan Yi@Nobleland Clementi. We have seen how he has grown so much under your care. Thanks for inspiring him and exciting him with various ideas and stories in school. Appreciate all the extra tender loving care and hard work you have put in.

Mr & Mrs Nah - Parent of Nah Guan Yi (K1)

The school environment is highly conducive for the children and we are impressed with the up keeping of the school every time we have the opportunity to go into the school. Communication and administration have greatly improved and we appreciate the great efforts!

Mr & Mrs Ng - Parent of Owen Ng (K2)

Thank you Teacher Mari for creating a safe and happy learning environment at school for Liam. He often looks forward to go to school to be in your class. Thank you for also being so accommodating in teaching Liam to brush his teeth after lunch and helping him with his frequent bowel movements. We thank you for your continual support to him in helping him to be a more expressive person in sharing how he feels so that he can continue to develop his communication skills both in school and at home.

We can see Jayvier grow and enjoy his school day. Jayvier is very stubborn and playful. Really appreciate the teachers’ patience and care towards him. Especially to Teacher Marife. Thank you!! Thank you Ms Joranna for your leadership, commitment and contribution to the school. Your active response and help given to us are appreciated.

Mr & Mrs Lee - Parent of Jayvier (N2)

I started my daughter Chloe at Nobleland Arts N Learning Place@Waterway at the age of two. In the past four years, we are impressed by her progress. Chloe has gained so much confidence and the ability to build positive relationships with others. She has also acquired valuable social skills such as how to communicate with others - her classmates and friends, how to control her emotions, is now more independent and cooperative. The most important aspect of all of this is that she loves to go to school.  We thank Nobleland Arts N Learning Place@Waterway for providing such nurturing environment for our kids.

Irene & Winson Tan - Parent of Chloe Tan (K2), Bella Tan(N2)

It was 2015 when we learnt that a preschool was going to be opened in the vicinity of our new home, we were excited and decided to make the switch from the previous preschool to Nobleland for our firstborn, Raphael. I suppose we are considered pioneers of the Punggol Waterway branch. Looking back, we made the right choice not only because Nobleland was close to our home, but all personnel; from Ms Shian and Ms Lin, to Teacher Iza, Teacher Sri, Teacher Jona and 黄老师, to Teacher Julie and Teacher Sally, amongst the others, have made an impact in both our children’s lives. Of course, we had concerns starting out with a new school and getting our children adjusted. A school can be built with great facilities, but it’s the educators and staff that make the difference as they are an integral part of our children’s foundational years. Especially for our firstborn, who was temperamental in the initial years, he has grown to become sensible, inquisitive, and creative. He has learnt to show care and concern for others around him. A huge shout out to the supportive principals, friendly teachers and patient assistant teachers who have given their continuous care, guidance and support over the years, and have created a fun and nurturing environment for the children. The parent-teacher meetings held twice a year and the constant communication between parents and teachers have been very helpful in understanding our children’s developments and growth in school.  We look forward to seeing our children grow in character and with much humility. Thank you Nobleland.

Pei Jun & Charles Low - Parents of Raphael (K2), Natalie (N2A)

At Nobleland, our daughter Qinn Ann has been thoroughly enjoying her preschool life. She talks enthusiastically about school all the time and it is often with reluctance that she leaves the homely grounds in the evenings when we pick her up. Both my husband and I have a great sense of assurance that Qinn Ann is in safe and caring hands at the Thomson campus. All the teachers I have encountered there are well-skilled and dedicated but what impresses me the most is the genuine care and affection they shower on the children moment to moment, even when the children are being challenging. We have also been deeply touched by how some of the teachers constantly go the extra mile, e.g. personally presenting or hand-making each child gifts at Christmas time or on their birthday. It really made all of us smile right down to our hearts! We are also deeply appreciative of the vision the principal, Ms Chua has set and constantly guides the centres to pursue. With her forward-looking direction of the school programme, Qinn Ann has been thoroughly enjoying the exciting curriculum provided by Nobleland that is robust, diverse and multidisciplinary. The way arts and culture is interwoven into the children’s everyday activities is also something I personally like very much. Both my husband and I would not hesitate recommend Nobleland to our friends and relatives looking for a childcare provider for their precious kids.

Loh Lih Woon - Mother of Chan Qinn Ann (K1)

Ms Shian, thank you for your effort in building and strengthening the curriculum of Nobleland Arts N Learning Place. Kai En is definitely enjoying the arts enhancement programme that he has daily be it art, dance or the sports programme. The inquiry programme planned by you and your team of teachers is interesting too. Inculcating the importance and value of being environmentally friendly and viable to the children from their tender age is also an excellent move. Your patient guidance and effort to inspire the little minds to learn and explore with every opportunity are very much appreciated. Kudos to you and all teachers at Nobleland for making such experiences possible for the children.

Siew Peng - Mother of Lim Kai Luen (K2), Lim Kai En (K1)

Our daughter, Portia Tee, joined Nobleland Arts N Learning when she was 18 months and she is now three years old. Over the 1.5 years that she has been in school, we have seen her grown significantly in particular her social skills. Before, she would shy away from strangers by putting her head down and avoid eye contact. Now, she is a lot more sociable and confident as she is willing to give hugs, high-fives and on occasion, entertain you with a song and dance. This would not have been possible without the dedication of the wonderful staff of Nobleland, for their patience with our little girl who can be such a handful at times. Through their frequent and timely feedback and updates on Portia, we were able to work together in partnership in developing Portia socially and emotionally. In addition, Nobleland organizes a few out-of-classroom activities and excursions to enhance the children’s learning. Portia enjoyed her trip to the Zoo and even to the theatre where she got to explore beyond the classroom. We are also very impressed with the amount of classroom mini projects that the teachers encourage children to do, this has certainly inculcated Portia’s love for drawing and painting too.

Wayne & Millicent Tee - Parent of Portia and Philene Tee (N1, PG)

We know that Kristen enjoys going to school and enjoys learning when she comes home and starts imitating what the teacher have taught her. We have seen a tremendous growth in her intellectual capability. The biggest observation is her writing skills. We hope to see more leadership skills in her, by leading and showing examples and to next develop her reading skills. We are overall very pleased with her growth and development at Nobleland. Thank you teacher for the dedication and hard work. We recognize it and are truly appreciative.

Kenneth Low and Cheryl Teoh - Parent of Kristen Low and Caitlyn Low (K1, N1)

Thank you for the support with helping Daryl adapt to school. Also, if not for the teacher’s initiative to start Daryl’s toilet training, Daryl might still be wearing diapers now. Thank you for developing Daryl’s love for singing Chinese songs and “performing” poems and the patience and hard work is paying off. The assistant teacher has been so patient with the children despite the many caregiving tasks required every day. Thank you to Nobleland’s leader and management for leading and bringing together such a wonderful team of teachers. They are always so cheerful, full of laughter and so ready to compliment and encourage Daryl. Daryl is enjoying and benefiting from your school’s curriculum, especially the art, dance classes as well as the PE lessons.

Lin Xiang Bin and Lin Jing Yi - Parent of Daryl Lin (N2)

Nobleland nurtures a child holistically with nurturing and patient, quality teachers. This is a great environment where I am putting four of my children. Thanks to teachers for nurturing my girls very well in K2 last year. They are settling and coping very well in Primary 1.

Ung Lin Na - Mother of Yeo Zhe Yu (PG), Yeo Liang Yu (N2), Charlene Yeo Hui Xuan and Bernice Yeo Hui Qi (K2)

We especially like the creative programs that Nobleland has. They not only teach my sons the ABCs, but also have dance and music lessons. The teachers are also very dedicated, paying attention to each and every child individually. They always keep us updated on the progress of the child on a regular basis and work hard with us to ensure that our kids are developing well. Most importantly, they make learning fun and our boys enjoy going to school everyday.

Christopher Chew & Juni Dewi - Parent of Ziven Chew(K1) and Zeviel Chew (PG)

A note of appreciation to the principal and both Aden’s teachers for making school thoroughly enjoyable for him. Aden will come back with little nuggets of facts like “The moon does not emit light on its own” from his lessons with the English teacher. His Chinese teacher certainly boosted his confidence in the language. He will come home reciting Chinese poems and is more willing to converse in Mandarin at home. So a big thank you to Ms Shian and his teachers for playing a large role in his learning and character development. I like the excursions that the school organises and its focus on the arts programs. I think Aden benefits from the hands-on learning experience and the arts programs that allow him to express his creative and sometimes dramatic side.

Corliss Phua - Mother of Aden and Asher (K2, PG)

Yi Hui said “I like all the works at Nobleland. I enjoy dancing and music class very much. Teachers are good. They always play games that are fun and interesting. I wish I could attend dance class every day.” Yi Ming said “I like Nobleland. I enjoy art, dancing and speech and drama. I like art because I can use my hand. I also like music class that involves actions and movements. Yi Ming said he enjoys the art class and speech and drama class very much. Coincidentally, I find that Yi Ming’s English speaking, reading and writing skills have improved tremendously. Overall I found that Nobleland has a cosy, personal and friendly setup that allows each kid to learn at their own pace and express themselves in their own way through a variety of activities.

Margaret - Mother of Twins Lim Yi Hui and Lim Yi Ming (K2)

You have a team of dedicated and wonderful teachers! All so cheerful and sweet! Thank you for helping Zane to adjust to this new environment. A big thank you to all teachers and Principal. Together with my husband and Zane we are so glad to be part of the Nobleland family.

Judy Lim - Mummy of Zane Li Cheng Jun (K1)

The teachers are very caring, attentive to children’s needs and go into details when discussing about children so we, as a parent, are able to know our children’s development at school in term of knowledge and behaviour. The Chinese teacher has built my daughter’s confidence in speaking fluent Chinese language and she has made improvement all this time. She is very kind and caring to all children. The school has very good communication and we are well-informed about children’s development by emails and discussions. Nobleland has a well organised monthly schedule and the excursion/ exploration outside school and activities has built my daughter’s confidence since young. Good job done by all teachers! Thanks for the excellent service provided to us.

Susie - Mother of Annabelle Wijaya (K2)

Zen’s communication skills have improved a lot, in terms of his pronunciation and English Structure. I would also like to express my deepest appreciation to the Chinese teacher who has introduced lots of music and movement learning experience in the lesson and make the learning of Chinese fun! The centre’s effort in collaborating with parents and the community for children’s holistic development and character development is also commendable. Zen mentioned that the seniors at AWWA were very happy to see them perform and when he shook hands and gave goodies to them.

Mr Wong Moh Heng - Father of Zen Wong (K2)