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Nobleland Arts N Learning Place!

The initial years of a child are the most formative, and is one of the most important phases of his or her life. Therefore, every parent would want to give their child the best learning opportunities.

Give your child a head start with our holistic curriculum and quality education that focuses on nurturing both the mind and the body. Let your child grow fully in a safe, loving and conducive environment. We understand that your child is unique, and our warm and dedicated educators nurture individual learning styles and personalities with innovative approaches.

An award winning pre-school, Nobleland combines arts with academics to provide a wholesome learning experience for your child. Your child will develop crucial thinking and problem solving skills. With many exciting experiential group activities, your child will also have opportunities daily to build his/her character, make friends, and discover his/her personality and learning style. We make learning a fun and joyful process for every child.

  • Nobleland Curriculum

    Where the joy of learning begins

Our curriculum focuses on learning in the areas of literacy, Mathematical concepts, Inquiry topics, Life Skills and is also enriched by Integrated Arts Education (Visual Arts, Dance Education, English Literature and Drama, Chinese Theatre and Foundational Keyboard and Music Education) to broaden our children’s perspectives and to empower them to make better connection in learning. We also actively collaborate with parents and various communities like Design Centre Singapore, Science Centre Singapore and National Arts Council to provide the most resourceful and creative platform for each child to excel.

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