Fun with Mathematics (Playgroup and Nursery One)

Our Fun with Mathematics Curriculum provides the children with a strong foundation to develop their numeracy concepts and skills through many hands-on learning experiences and manipulating concrete and sensorial materials. Activities are carried out in a small and big group setting to help the children in the development of skills and concepts such as matching, sorting, comparing, patterning, counting and number sense, basic shapes and space.

We incorporated Key to Learning curriculum modules (Sensory Mathematics, Logic and Mathematics and Visual-Spatial) to develop the children’s cognitive learning ability in a fun way.

Curriculum_Mathematics_Fun with Maths

Key To Learning Mathematics: A Unique, Fun and Enjoyable Approach to Math (Nursery Two, Kindergarten One, Kindergarten Two)

Key to Learning Mathematics is a unique educational programme that focuses on the development of learning abilities and creates the right conditions for minds to open,
for learning to become a pleasure and for creativity to flourish. Our Mathematics lessons are carried out in small and big groups using the following Key To Learning curriculum modules: Sensory Mathematics, Logic and Mathematics, Visual-Spatial, Story Grammar and Developmental Games.

Different strategies such as asking questions, providing opportunities for problem- solving by children, stories, dramatization, songs and games are used as children learn about counting and number sense, measurements and solving simple Mathematics problem sums.

Children’s numeracy concepts and skills are developed and enhanced to enable them to use the concepts and skills to explore and discover. They build confidence in their ability to think things through and apply them meaningfully in their daily experiences.

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