About Us


Nobleland Arts N Learning Place provides children aged 18 months to 6 years old engaging and joyful learning experiences through an Arts Integrated Curriculum and programme. We work closely with parents and the community to help your child reach his or her fullest potential.

We recognize that the preschool years are the most important period where foundations are laid to determine future success. Therefore, we take our role very seriously and put in utmost effort to ensure that your child grows well both mentally and physically.

In Nobleland Arts N Learning Place, we strongly believe that arts (music, drama, dance, art, literature) are central to the development of an all-rounded person and the core of all learning (connecting and enhancing whole brain development). It is a powerful vehicle through which every child’s mind is challenged, creativity is sparked, self-discipline is learned, and self-esteemed is built.  

Our Vision

Creative Thinkers and Communicators with a Zest for Learning and Compassion for others.

Our Mission

To nurture creativity and develop our children to their fullest potential through an engaging and joyful learning experience.

Core Values

  • Passion
    We aim to cultivate enthusiasm for developing interests, talents, and life-long learning.
  • Perseverance
    We advocate a positive disposition and persistence in the face of challenges and difficulties.
  • Innovation
    We value creative and original thoughts, approaches and problem-solving methods.
  • Integrity
    We value moral principles such as honesty and sincerity.
  • Responsibility
    We believe in being responsible for matters regarding self, others and the environment.
  • Respectful
    We respect diverse personalities, perspectives, strengths and cultures.

Learning through The Arts

In Nobleland, we believe that Arts Integrated Curriculum (Visual Arts, Dance Education, English Literature and Drama, Chinese Theatre, Kindermusik and Foundational Keyboard and Music Education) and learning through the Arts helps to develop children better, allowing enhanced brain development and creativity, as well as increased self-esteem. The emphasis on an Arts Integrated education is supported by awards and recognition such as the Early Childhood Innovation Award 2012 by ECDA for integrating Arts into the Learning of Literacy, Numeracy and Learning of Chinese.

The Importance of Arts Education
Did you know that right brain is associated with creativity, intuition and emotional perception? These qualities are often neglected in the pursuit of academic excellence in Singapore. To nurture creativity and a zest for life in your child, it is essential to provide your child with a range of innovative experiences. Through our Arts Education programmes, children can express themselves and comprehend concepts better, become more creative and innovative in problem solving, therefore increasing self-esteem and performance.

Click here for more information on our Arts Education Programme.

Collaborations with Parents

A two way collaboration between parents and the school enables parents to be actively involved in their child’s growth and development, as well as to gain a better understanding of their child.

Did you know?
Children respond positively to parental involvement. They gain the understanding that they are valued, and that school is important.This motivates them to perform better in school, hence increasing their successes and achievements.

By contributing and participating in school projects and excursions, parents are able to contribute their expertise and skills to increase the children’s learning. We value your cooperation with the school and have conducted many activities to facilitate parent-school efforts.

Collaborations with the Community

Collaborations with the community enables the children to gain awareness of knowledge of community and social issues. Working with professionals from other fields also enables resources to be shared and a curriculum enriched by their skills and knowledge. Children practice their teamwork and social skills when interacting with adults.

Our Achievements

  • ECDA Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Development, Early Childhood Innovation Award 2013 “Character Building and Making Connection in Learning in Collaboration with Community and Parents”
    A Chinese picture book “Swimmy” (Chinese Hui Ben) was shared to allow preschool children to recollect, interpret, and reflect their feelings on ‘bravery’, ‘teamwork’ and ‘caring for minority’. The yearlong project was useful in instilling character values that students comprehend better through practical project and hands-on activities. The project also collaborates with parents by involving them in their children’s learning, thus motivating and strengthening bonds among parents, child and the school. At the end of the project, our children created a mural painting in small groups. This culminated in a year end concert which brought the picture book to live. Parents were invited to brainstorm an alternative storyline that provides opportunities for the integration of literacy, arts and character education.Nobleland is proud to be invited by MOE to showcase this Innovative project in MOE ExCEL Fest 2014.
  • ECDA Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Development, Early Childhood Innovation Award 2012, “Integrating Arts Curriculum into Learning of Literacy, Numeracy and Learning of Chinese”.
    In Singapore’s present education system even in the preschool years, there has been too much emphasis on end products and academic and not the process. Parents need to be enlightened about the importance of the active learning process to children’s learning and development, the ability of an Arts integrated curriculum to help children make connection across different discipline, the importance of learning by understanding (the concepts) instead of route learning.

    The project to integrate Arts into the school curriculum has helped to:

    • Develop a vibrant arts culture in the school, support and advocate arts education as a whole school approach.
    • Provide a more holistic approach to our teaching curriculum, develop and nurture better rounded children who are confident and good thinkers.
    • Inculcate and nurture in our children, culture and appreciation of the arts as well as enhance their creative thinking process through interactive learning and engaging their minds.
  • SPARK Accreditation
    ALL three centres of Nobleland, i.e. Nobleland@Waterway, Nobleland@Clementi and Nobleland@Punggol have simultaneously been SPARK accredited by ECDA in December 2017 and February 2018 respectively.

    It is a recognition of the centre’s excellent quality and the leaders’ efforts to improve

    • Teaching and Learning Practises
    • Administration and Management Processes

    With this achievement, we are committed to continue to strive to raise our quality and standard in providing quality preschool education focusing on Curriculum, Pedagogy and Health, Hygiene & Safety to enhance holistic development and well-being of our children.

  • Healthy Pre-School (HPS) Accreditation Platinum
    This accreditation is awarded to preschool with comprehensive school health promotion practices for pre-schoolers, parents and staff. The other objectives of this programme is also to equip pre-schoolers with the social skills to navigate their social environment, emotional skills to identify and express their feelings, and coping skills to deal with everyday challenges and transition.
    It is a recognition of our effort to provide healthier meals, educate them on eating right and our commitment on the total well-being of our children.
  • Licence Tenure
    All our centres have obtained 3 years licence tenure in recognition of the consistency in the quality early childhood programmes we have provided.
  • All 4 centres have attained a 36 months license!
  • HMPP( Platinum) Accreditation. Healthy Meals in Preschool Programmes Award.
  • All join the Partner Operator Scheme from Jan 2021!
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