In collaboration with the Singapore Art Museum, our K1 and K2 children actively participated in the Think! Contemporary Preschool Project since January 2021. Our 4 centres (Nobleland@Bishan, Nobleland@Clementi, Nobleland@Punggol and Nobleland@Waterway) were amongst the six preschools in Singapore to be invited to create art that revealed how nature and contemporary ecological issues were viewed through their eyes of wonder and innocence. Our children’s artworks were exhibited in the Green Pavilion and Nassim Visitor Centre in Singapore Botanic Gardens in Mar/April 2021.

a. 2021 Think Contemporary! Preschool project by Nobleland@Clementi

Can you spot me?, 2021

Mixed media
68 x 80 x 16 cm
Collection of the School

Inspired by Jing Quek’s Singapore Idols – Army Boys, the K2 children of Nobleland Clementi created a whimsical army−inspired toy. The children repurposed a discarded computer monitor cardboard box into a toy house.

In this unusual toy house, the children reimagine how National Servicemen in Singapore undergo training in an indoor obstacle course. Each space is designed with dried leaves and branches that were thoughtfully selected and collected by the children. There are miniature soldiers with camouflage patterns inspired by the colours of the jungle.

As part of the art making process, the children discovered that they can make their own toys reusing and repurposing materials that they can find at home or in school instead of buying numerous plastic toys.

Why Can’t We Be Friends, 2021

Mixed media
100 x 145 cm
Collection of the School

People and nature have an intricate relationship and should co− exist peacefully to ensure the future of the earth and humankind. Inspired by We Are Family by Vicente Delgado, this collaborative artwork by Nobleland Clementi children uses irregular shapes to symbolise how people and nature are part of the same ecosystem.

As part of the art making process, the children were first taught about types of lines − thick, thin, curvy and straight, and simple shapes − which are applied on the art piece textured by leaf prints and concentric lines representing nature. Other organic shapes form eyes and mouths, giving the art piece human characteristics to represent people.

Army Tank Designer, 2021

Mixed media
Various dimensions
Collection of the School

Nature and animals have inspired designers through history, just as the aeroplanes were designed to look like a bird in flight. Here, the children rethink how vehicles, like tanks, are designed.

Intrigued by the artwork Singapore Idols – Army Boys by Jing Quek, the children created their interpretation of tanks that look like insects and animals. These imagined vehicles are envisioned to be green vehicles used to protect the environment and run on renewable energy sources such as wind and not fossil fuels.

b. 2021 Think Contemporary! Preschool project by Nobleland@Waterway

Our Favourite, 2021

Mixed media
84 x 108 cm
Collection of the School

This creation is made of upcycled materials found in everyday items. Each child created a portrait of their favourite person and brought these people together in this composite group portrait.

Their creation was inspired by the interconnecting soft sculptures that resemble soft toys in We Are Family by Vicente Delgado. The children saw how the soft sculptures could be easily arranged in various ways to form different shapes and forms.

With this insight, the children explored reusing materials that they could shape easily through cutting. In this artwork, the children hope the community can cooperate like friendly neighbours, who despite their different backgrounds and languages, can come together to help protect the environment by reducing waste and lead Singapore in the transformation to a sustainable future.

c. 2021 Think Contemporary! Preschool project by Nobleland@Bishan

Secret Base, 2021

Mixed media
76 x 126 cm
Collection of the School

The K2 children from Nobleland Bishan reused discarded boards and various types of leaves found in Singapore to create a mysterious jungle maze inspired by Jing Quek’s photographic work Singapore Idols – Army Boys.

The children learnt that combining materials and colours may help hide a person or object. They created an artwork that is a secret base where soldiers help to protect the environment. In this artwork, the children have displayed their keen sense of observation and adaptation of elements from nature such as camouflage.

Secret Garden, 2021

Mixed media
30 x 25 x 33 cm
Collection of the School

Inspired by Dawn Ng’s HDB Corridor, the K1 children observed how people try to introduce greenery in their lives despite living in high−rise homes. Through little acts like the cultivation of potted plants in their homes or outside the corridor, the surrounding air is cleaned and cooled down. Instead of growing a plant, they children decided to create a garden where fairies thrive among plants with no pollution. This is their way of incorporating nature into their lives through their boundless imagination.

As part of the art making process, the children were encouraged to reuse old pieces of canvas to form the enclosed space for their secret garden. At first they were confused that their canvases were not new nor in pristine condition but they soon learnt that artists often have to reuse materials like canvas. This teaches children that everyone in society can partake in sustainable living.

d. 2021 Think Contemporary! Preschool project by Nobleland@Punggol

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