Ms Tey Danyi Angela

Ms Tey Danyi Angela
Angela is a passionate dancer, talented in choreographing, teaching, drama, as well as in music. Angela is an avid performer and has decades of experience in both performing and dance instruction. Graceful, inspiring and innovative, Angela is the Chief Dance Educator in Chinese Dance, Ballet, Modern Dance & Performing Arts at Nobleland Arts N Learning Place.

Certification & Experience
1998 Advance Professional Certificate awarded by Dance Ensemble Singapore
2005 Sub-elementary level (CSTD) Highly Commended in Major Classical Ballet Examination under The Commonwealth Society of Teacher of Dancing
Choreography: DES Arts, DES School Productions (2002-2010), Graduation Ceremonies (2011-2014)

Notable performances

    • International Youth Dance Festival in Macau (1997 & 1999)
    • International Children’s Folklore Festival from 1994 – 1997 in France and Spain
    • Nan Ying International Folklore Festival in Taiwan (2000 & 2003)
    • Asian Tourism Festival in Japan – Nagoya (2005)
    • Chinatown Lunar New Year Celebration 2004-2008 (Guest of honor, Mr S.R. Nathan)
    • Chinese New Year Celebration Programme (Mediacorp)
    • NKF Charity Show 2005 (Mediacorp)
    • Star Search (Mediacorp)