Ms Chua Shian Luan

Ms Chua Shian Luan, Nobleland Founder/Director
Chua Shian Luan is the Group Principal and Founder of Nobleland Arts N Learning Place, a pre-school that offers Creative, Bilingual and Holistic Curriculum with focus on Arts integrated elements to young children.
A mother of four children, Shian Luan spent more than 15 years in Human Resource Management and made a mid-career switch in 2004 to pursue Specialist Diploma in Teaching and Leadership, and received the Master of Science-Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College, USA due to her passion in Early Childhood Education.

Shian has always been extremely enthusiastic about seeking innovative ways or providing a platform for children to step out of the comfort zone, and parents to interact, as well as for educators to work on new and challenging projects that put their talents to good use, beyond the daily rituals of classroom demands.
Her centre is one of the rare instances where a focus is placed on the arts – music, dance, theatre and visual art. She has so wholeheartedly put her belief into Arts as beneficial for children that these areas now serve as a staple within the centre’s offerings.

Every year, the graduation concert is a sight to behold. Arts specialists work together with the school teachers, students and volunteer parents to conjure up spectacular productions like “Swimmy” which was invited (by MOE) to showcase in the MOE EXCEL Fest in 2014.

Besides that, Shian is constantly organizing little events throughout the year that widens the curriculum of the school. She is able to keep up-to-date with what’s important in the world today and narrow it down into something that children can relate to. It takes much effort and planning in order to make it work, but Shian is not one to mind the tough journey. She takes great efforts in translating her beliefs into action and results.

Under her leadership, she motivates and pushes the team of qualified, like-minded, dedicated and passionate educators to scale Nobleland Arts N Learning Place to greater heights!