Latest News

• ECDA Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Development, Early Childhood Innovation Award 2013, “Character Building and Making Connection in Learning in Collaboration with Community and Parents”.

Innovative Features of the Project:

• Connecting Arts with Character Building and Community Collaboration.
• Partnering with Parents in Children’s Learning and Character Building.
• Strengthening bond between parents, teachers and children through Art Production and Creation Process (Year End Concert”Swimmy” Production, Chinese Hui Ben and Swimmy Canvas Painting Project), and contribute to the less fortunate group in the society through Charity, Interactive Session and Performance at AWWA.

Throughout the process, our children are given many opportunities through the different art forms to voice their understanding and feeling of certain character attributes like braveness, teamwork and respecting the minority. They are constantly challenged to solve problems as a team, work cohesively, take risks and embark on new experiences like performing and learning to interact with needy seniors in a different social setting (AWWA Project) and taking on different roles in the “Swimmy” production. We are proud to have our children who are genuinely responsible, honest, discipline and be able to share and contribute their part in the community.


Early Childhood Innovation Award 2012, “Integrating Arts Curriculum into Building of Literacy, Numeracy and Learning of Chinese”.