Fun With Maths (Playgroup and Nursery One)

Our Fun with Maths curriculum consists of small and big group activities that teach foundational Math concepts such as one-to-one correspondence, patterns, measurement, counting and number recognition. Planned experiences and sensorial materials are incorporated into the activities to engage the children and to develop their Math skills.

Curriculum_Mathematics_Fun with Maths

Rigby Mathematics: A Fun and Enjoyable Approach to Maths (Nursery Two, Kindergarten One, Kindergarten Two)

Rigby Mathematics is a comprehensive set of pre-school mathematics syllabus. Your child will learn about Mathematical concepts such as counting, sorting, measurement, and solving simple Math problem sums. This program consists of many fun hands-on Math activities, games and engaging worksheets to enable your child to enjoy learning and applying Math skills and knowledge. The class will also be split into small and large groups depending on the activity, and your child will experience progressive learning that increases in complexity for different math concepts. Rigby Mathematics builds a strong foundation of Math for your child.

Curriculum_Mathematics_Rigby Math